From the beginning these are the principles on which we base our business every day.

QUALITY: all our fruit is strictly checked and monitored by our technical service from the field until the arrival at our warehouses.
Our production process complies with sanitary regulations, applies the requirements of quality and food safety required by the IFS standard.
All our products are analysed by our internal team and by external accredited laboratories, to guarantee the safety and compliance to customer requests.

TRANSPARENCY: the entire supply chain is constantly under control and at any time our customers can have at their disposal the information on the traceability of their products.
Our traceability system allows us, for each production, to trace the raw materials and the suppliers, which we are monitored in accordance with our quality procedure.

FLEXIBILITY: our productions are based on the satisfaction of specifications required by our customers, in order to guarantee to everyone the right product for its needs.
Starting from the selection of raw materials, everything is geared to obtain the characteristics required by each customer.

INNOVATION: we are daily looking for new technologies and devices for the continuous improvement of the quality of our products and the efficiency of our processes, all to satisfy our old and new customers.
This continue research has allowed us to establish important partnerships with companies and institutions in our region, like the University of Turin.
Our research and development projects involving both our production processes and the field activities, where we are engaged in the study of cultivars that respond to environmental conditions, to take advantage from what the land and the nature can offer us to increase fruit quality.
Study and reintroduction of 'old' variety: it is from the past, from the tradition of the area that you can take advantage, selecting varieties historically known for their resistance to frost and phytosanitary diseases.

SYNERGY: our suppliers are a key ring in our production chain, which is why we always want to establish long partnerships, based on the synergy and cooperation.
Together with our suppliers, we evaluate the requirements of our customers, to study production that allow us to meet the market needs.
This cooperation has allowed us to start projects for the construction of new plants, in cooperation with producer or our territory.

RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABILITY: Nature and the environment are a valuable asset that we want to protect through our everyday choices.
From the beginning we promoted organic production with our suppliers, supporting them in the conversion and certification path.
Nature is the main “friend” of our products, that's why we are very careful to respect the environment and its equilibrium.
Working with local suppliers and processing in a plant near to the agricultural production areas, we optimize the movement of goods, reducing the impact of transport on the environment.
A special attention to the environment in our production process is one of the most important point in our corporate decisions: waste recycling, use of clean energy in all the facilities and a sustainable disposal of production waste are some the measures to make our contribution to environmental protection.

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