Fruit purees

La Manta Foods produces organic, baby food and conventional puree, transforming:

  1. Apples
  2. Pears
  3. Peaches
  4. Apricots
  5. Plums

Our purees are obtained by yearly production of fruit, harvested at the right point of ripeness and at the natural sugar content, to ensure the best organoleptic characteristics of ripe fruit, without adding other ingredients like sugars or additives. It’s selected only fruit in excellent condition, completely ripe and with the right ratio between sugars and total acidity. The fruit used arrives from fields directly controlled by La Manta Foods technicians in each step of growing, and all the suppliers are referenced according with the internal quality and food safety system and for organic production they are certified by the main inspection bodies.

Working on the promotion of the typical varieties of the different regions, we started a R&D project with our customers for the production of fruit puree using fruits with origin certified. For this project, we alredy obtained the authorization from the Ministery MIPAAF for the production of puree with apples Mela Rossa Cuneo IGP and pears Pera dell’Emilia Romagna IGP.

Fruit is washed and sorted and after is crushed and peeled and, if required, stoned. The pulp obtained is transformed in puree by cooking, refining and deaeration: this procedure allows to save the pulp typical color. After the puree is pasteurized, quickly cooled and packaged in aseptic conditions to keep organoleptic characteristics like taste and smell, typical of ripe fruits.

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